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    $17.30 (3% off)
    Unger Professional Nifty

    1. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber, 36"
    Manufacturer Unger
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    Category: Lawn & Patio Brand: Unger

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    Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Unger's 36-inch Nifty Nabber is ideal for grasping items beyond your reach without stretching or bending. Perfect for yard clean up and helping the elderly, the lightweight aluminum pole features rubber-tipped grippers to prevent damage. It comes with a built-in magnet for picking up metal objects. The Nabber grips large, small, and odd shaped items and the ergonomic grip makes it easy to use. Unger guarantees to replace any Unger Professional branded product found defective in material, construction, or workmanship.


    The Unger 36-inch nifty nabber pick-up tool with aluminum handle makes it easy to pick up items from the ground or off shelves by squeezing the handle to wrap the claw around an object. It can hold objects as tiny as a penny or as heavy as 8 pounds. The rubber overmolded steel fingers provide gripping power without damaging objects.

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    • 36-inch Nifty Nabber reaches items low and high without the need to bend down or climb a stool or ladder
    • Lightweight aluminum pole features rubber-tipped grippers to prevent damage
    • Built-in magnet picks up metal objects
    • Ergonomic grip makes it easy to use
    • Perfect for yard clean up and helping the elderly

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    1-1 of 1 Results
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